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Friday, November 4, 2011

Better late than never!!

Hello lovelies!!

I know I'm late posting this but I figured better late than never! I decided that for Halloween this year i'd buy my costume a few weeks early! So I tried on a million like always and decided on Queen Bee ;-) It looked the best out of all of them. I also figured that it was quite fitting for me ;-) Of course I was thinking about what mani I would do to go with it. So one of my nail polish buddies sent me a link to a youtube video for the most adorable bee manicure. But I suck at nail art. I am trying to get better I guess with anything it just takes a lot of practice. After all I used to not even be able to paint my left hand! The middle of my costume has stripes so i figured I can do this! It will be pretty simple and it was. I got a lot of compliments on it. Oh and did i mention that I was the only Queen Bee!? That was awesome! I knew that I would need to do a test run and I decided on OPI The "It" Color. I describe this color as taxi cab yellow because that's exactly what it looks like to me. I only did one thick coat and then I did the black stripes with  black nail art polish. It has a very thin brush that is used specifically for nail art.

Queen Bee ;-)

My test run : ) 
1 coat of OPI The "It" color and a black nail art striper from Sally's Beauty Supply.

 The finished mani. 2 coats of OPI Banana Bandana and a black nail art striper from Sally's 

What do you think about this mani? : )


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