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Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome to Nailin' It : )

As most of you know the OPI Katy Perry Collection and Black Shatter has been released.  Let me just say this collection is AMAZING! If you haven't gotten yours yet rush out to your nearest ULTA or JC Penney.  I ordered mine online at mbeautylounge.com along with 2 Black Shatters.  I finally got the chance to play with the colors this weekend. I used "The one that got away" and I have to say it's in my top 2 favorites from the Katy Perry collection. I will have the other colors swatched by the end of the week.  The one that got away has been on my nails for 3 days and NO Chips at all! There is obviously some tip wear visible but that's expected : )

The colors
Last Friday night-Sparkly blue. After doing 3 coats of this I could still see my nail line.  I think it would do better layered over a blue polish such as "Dating a royal" or "Blue my mind". I Just ordered "Blue my mind" so when it comes in I'll try it out : )

Teenage Dream-Beautiful sparkly pink.  I used 3 coats. I absolutely love this gorgeous pink.

Not like the movies-is unlike any other color I've seen! I love it w/Black Shatter and just alone. It's gorgeous.  I used 3 coats you could apply 2 but you can still see the nail line.

The one that got away-Love this one! Have it on right now. This is a beautiful magenta color. I thought it was the only one that looked great with just 2 coats.

Black Shatter is the most awesome top coat out there! You apply it to completely dry polish. If you don't wait until your polish is completely dry it will not shatter right. It shatters right before your eyes! I like to apply a thick coat to achieve the look of a thicker shatter.  If you want to achieve the look of a thinner shatter a apply a thin coat : ) It's really all about your personal preference.

 Left to right: The one that got away, Last Friday night, Teenage Dream, Not like the movies and Black Shatter

 The one that got away with Black Shatter

I hope you've enjoyed my first post. I'm completely knew at this. I promise I will get better : )