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Friday, September 2, 2011

It's my first Zoya!!

Hello ladies!!

I'm sitting on my couch relaxing while I watch Dexter. This is one of my favorite shows I wish i had Showtime! So I picked out one of my brand new Zoyas for my mani. I got Zoya Neeka from their recent buy one get 2 free polishes. It comes from their fall Mirrors collection.  It is a purplish gray with gold shimmer.  I was so excited to finally try this brand! I've heard mixed reviews about Zoya. Some people love them and some don't. I've also heard that some people have had issues with it taking forever to dry. I had no issues with application or drying. Here is the direct link if you are interested in ordering from Zoya : ) I thought this color was very pretty. I don't see it becoming one of my favorites though.

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  1. This color is gorgeous, definitely a pretty one for your first zoya!!! :)

  2. Thanks Emily! I also got Petra and Raven : ) Just haven't used them yet!

  3. thanks so much! Welcome to my blog :)


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